Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Prize Winner

Jane Opp was very excited to be the grand prize winner of the Sweet Home Marietta Shop Hop. She’s shown here picking up her Cameo Cutter. How “Sweet” it is… Congratulations, Jane! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Show and Tell Encore!!!

Purses were big at our Second Saturday Sampler event today. Elsie and Janice both shared their favorite bags.

Janice also brought in a quilt top she’s working on. The center of the quilt is a preprinted panel, Janice pieced the star border, and she brought it with her to find the perfect outer border to finish it. 
  Eloise is almost finished with this quilt – just the binding to go, but with two small children at home it’s hard to find time to stitch.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

Another new block this week -this block is fabulous!

Here are the main fabrics I used (colorway of the two fabrics in the kits varies - mine was a different colorway than the one shown):

The fabrics are from "Amelia" by designer Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics and are absolutely perfect for fussy cutting.  The other fabrics are from my stash.  You might recognize the blue moire fabric - it was leftover from the stripe fabric we used for the very first block we made back in April!   There are so many ways you can use these fabrics that I can hardly wait to see the variations you come up with. Send me pictures!

I finally figured out, thanks to one of you, that blog posts can tagged.  Sorry I didn't know this sooner, but all the posts are now labeled "Patchwork of the Crosses" so it should now be easier to locate past posts.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Saturday Sampler Show and Tell - best day of the Month.

 Our current trunk show features some really cute quilts that the favorite children in your life are going to love! All the quilts are from the book “Animal Parade” by Cheri Leffler. They’re even cuter in person, so stop by the shop and get an up-close look while they’re still here.
One of our award-winning applique teachers, Anne, is well-known for her pictorial quilts. We thought you might like to see the quilt she created after her trip to Europe. Ann does all her own design work for these quilts and has showcased several of her trips in quilts. What a fantastic way to remember a great trip!

  We loved this quilt that Amy brought in. She wanted to use up scraps – mostly Kaffe Fasset and 30’s – and decided to try using them in the same quilt. We decided she needed to title the quilt “Amy meets Kaffe and Aunt Grace for lunch”! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with scraps?

During the Sweet Home Marietta Shop Hop last month we gave everyone a small kit and pattern for making a Fall Hexagon Pin. Here’s a picture of the first two customers to come in wearing their completed pins. One of the pins features wool applique acorns and the other pin was embellished with Big Stitch. Very cute, ladies!

 Tamara has a huge collection of wool she loves using. She just finished the rug braiding class using wool strips. These are a few of her other wool creations. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

FREE!!! Women of the Bible Sampler

Don't miss out. The starting line is approaching....tomorrow.. in fact...
Women of the B-i-b-l-e. (yes that's the book for me) free block of the "every two weeks", downloads. Get two blocks every other week.. but you must be an email newsletter subscriber.  If you haven't signed up, you can do so on the home page at
Each pattern begins with historical references and devotional reflection.
At the end of each pattern section, space is provided for your own personal notes.
You can use this space to recall personal thoughts of the Bible character described, or to reflect on your progress when constructing the quilt.
Your complete journal will become a cherished treasure to accompany this finished keepsake quilt.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

Another new block!  I love the way this turned out and it all came from a single fabric.

This is the fabric I used.  It was such an unusual fabric, it really caught by eye and I was curious to see what I could come up with.  The fabric was designed by Terry Clothier Thompson for RJR.

There are so many possibilities for blocks with this fabric - be sure to send me pictures so I can see how you used it.

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

Many of you have asked what to do with the scraps that are accumulating from fussy cutting the fabric.  Like you, I'm accumulating quite a pile of “swiss cheese” and, since I don't like to throw away fabric, I've decided to use mine.  Today, I'm going to share one way to use lots of little bits and pieces!

When I have fabric that looks like this
I first cut off any parts that may still have potential for future fussy cut blocks and put that back into my Lucy Boston stash.

With what's left, I cut strips, if possible.  I keep all my strips in containers sorted according to strip width.  I have several strip “collections” in separate containers.  When a container gets full, it's time to start a new strip quilt – maybe a log cabin, or a rail fence, or one of many patterns available for jelly roll size strips.
The problem is what to do with all the little bitty pieces that are left.  Many people choose to throw them away, which may sound wasteful, but if you're just going to collect them and never do anything with them that's probably the best solution.  Most of us have sewing rooms already filled to over-flowing.  There's no sense in keeping things we're never going to use. 

When my scrap bag started to overflow, I decided to make a quilt using Baby Bow Tie blocks.  I chose Baby Bow Ties because they are so easy to make and they use even the tiniest pieces of fabric.  Each of my blocks finish at 2”.

The block I'm making requires no inset or "Y" seams.  Here's what you need to make one block:
  •  Two 1 1/2” squares of background fabric – this can be scrappy, but I chose to use solid white because I wanted a strong emphasis on the bow ties, and, also, white allowed me to use even the lightest scraps in my scrap bag and my bow ties still showed up.  In addition, my bag of white scraps was overflowing and getting rid of two bags of scraps at the same time sounded really good to me!
  •  Two 1 1/2” squares of colored fabric.               
  •  Two 1” squares of colored fabric – I tried to keep these the same color as the 1 1/2” squares, but if you don't have enough fabric to do that, just substitute something similar  – it's called “making do” and  adds a lot of interest to your blocks.

I organize the cut colored squares on paper plates – ten or twelve sets per plate – and then stack the plates by the sewing machine.  Each day I try to sew at least one “plate full”.  It's amazing how fast the finished bow ties start stacking up!

The sewing is simple.  Using a sew & flip technique, sew the two 1” squares across the diagonal to a corner of the two white squares. 

 Press over, and trim off the bottom layers.  (You have my permission to throw away the little snippets – even I have a limit to what I'll save!).

Next step is to sew the white squares and the 1 1/2” colored squares together into four-patch blocks making a Baby Bow Tie block.  Square up the block to  2 1/2”.
When you have a fairly large collection of Bow Tie blocks, start piecing them into larger Bow Tie blocks.  I'm using sixteen Baby Bow Ties all sewed together in the same direction to make  larger 8” finished Bow Tie blocks.
These will be the building blocks for my quilt.  They can be turned in different directions to get some really interesting, and sometimes abstract, designs.

I don't have my quilt finished yet.  I don't even have many 8” blocks made, but I do have a collection of Baby Bow Ties that is growing larger every day.  Here is a picture of all 1,343!
As you can see, my container is overflowing and, by now you know my philosophy – if it's overflowing, do something with it!  My goal is to make 1550 Baby Bow Ties which should be enough for a large lap-size quilt.

This is what I hope my quilt looks like when I'm finished.
I saw this picture on the Temecula Quilt Co. blog and loved it!

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a scrap quilt!  The best part is that you can combine fabrics from a lot of different genres and they'll all work together.  You can even use the ugliest fabric in your stash – if you cut the pieces small enough, even ugly fabric is beautiful!

Now, here's the best part!!!  When I had 1,000 little blocks made, I started wondering how much fabric I had used, so I got out the calculator.  It takes 4½ yds. of colored fabric and 3 yds. of white fabric to make that many blocks!  And that was ALL out of my scrap bag!!  Fabric that many people would have thrown away.  I couldn't believe my scrap bag would even hold that much fabric, but, believe it or not, I haven't even used up half the bag.  There's still another quilt waiting to happen in there, which I've already started – this time with baby Four-patch blocks.
I would love to hear what you've been doing with your scraps.  Comment below or send me pictures and I'll share them in future posts.

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